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KSI has made first monumental mistake ahead of blockbuster Tommy Fury fight

A war of words between KSI and Tommy Fury has continued ahead of their Manchester showdown later this month, but now the former has gone on the offensive with Fury’s father as well. YouTuber KSI and Love Island favourite Fury will come face to face at the AO Arean on Saturday, October 14 as part of a bumper double headline bill that will also feature Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis.

The top billing pair have been trading insults for weeks as they attempt to heighten interest in the pay-per-view event, but now KSI has moved into unchartered territory with a swipe at John Fury.

Facing the media at a press conference for this weekend’s MF & DAZN: X Series 009 event, KSI delivered a personal message to Fury Senior directly into the camera. KSI’s aim to wind up Fury Sr is a sign that he is getting distracted when he should be focusing on the fight, which will be the biggest of his career.

KSI started by referring to Tommy Fury as “the b*stard child” of the family, suggesting that his family do not hold him in as high regard as his half-brother, WBC Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

“When I come through and knock him out repeatedly, it’s over man,” KSI proclaimed.

“Like when I literally ruin your life bro, it’s done. And I’ll be the man to do it, and I can’t wait. And I’ll do it with a smile.”

He then added: “Hopefully I’ll get to slap your dad as well after I beat you,” before acting out a slapping motion.

A pre-fight press conference back in August ended in chaos after John Fury lost his cool when listening to his son and KSI trade insults across the stage.

The 59-year-old slammed his fist on the table in front of him and shouted: “F—k all this s—t! How can anybody question who I am here?”

He then swiped his microphone off the table before flipping the table over. When he did the same to KSI’s table the Prime boss jumped out of his chair as security rushed in to separate the two sides.

The ensuing chaos resulted in the press conference being delayed. It later resumed with no furniture on the stage.

When Tommy Fury was later quizzed about his dad’s antics at the press conference and asked if he had been expecting it, the boxer said: “No, definitely not, I didn’t see that coming.

“It must have been the red wine that must’ve hit him and then he just got into it. But, at the end of the day, it’s all fun and games, hyping up the fight, so it was good, I enjoyed it.”



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