Kuenssberg stunned at Keir Starmer's anti-Boris outburst 'He's not a good strong leader!'

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer attacked Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his attitude during Prime Minister’s Questions. BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg interview Sir Keir earlier on the day and asked him about how the Labour Party have been working with the Tory party during the coronavirus crisis. Ms Kuenssberg touched on the rivalry between Sir Keir and Boris Johnson despite the current health pandemic.

Mr Starmer snapped: “The Prime Minister doesn’t engage in the question at all.

“He doesn’t listen to what I have got to say and has prepared responses.

“If we can get past that it would actually be a better exercise.”

Sir Keir then insisted Boris Johnson should be enthusiastic about Prime Minister’s Questions and the opportunity to speak to the public.

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He continued: “PMQS is intended to hold the Prime Minister to account.

“A good strong leader, on top of his or her brief, should relish Prime Minster’s Questions.

“This is the chance to tell the nation what you are doing and have confidence about it.”

Ms Kuenssberg then pushed for clarity on Sir Keir’s criticism of the Prime Minister.

He closed by saying: “We must never forget 65,000 people have lost their lives because of this pandemic.

“What I worry about with this Prime Minister is that at the beginning of the pandemic he was very gung-ho.

“He brushed away challenge, pretended problems weren’t there and now we have got 65,000 people who have lost their lives.

“That is one of the worst figures in the world.” 

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