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Labour flip flop on ULEZ charge raises new fears that they will impose it across Britain

A Conservative source said: “Failed candidate Danny Beales claimed to oppose Ulez when he wanted to win in Uxbridge. Like in Uxbridge, Londoners should not listen to what Labour says, but look at what they do.”

Tory London Mayor candidate Susan Hall added: “Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion hits the poorest every day they drive, and now Labour-run Camden council wants to punish them for not driving.

“This is a ridiculous cost of living charge on those who can least afford it.”

Camden’s Labour-led council also expanded the charge from diesel vehicles only to petrol ones.

The charge will rise by more than 300 percent in some circumstances to between 38p and £2.30 every day.

This is on top of the £12.50 a day already being charged on thousands of non-compliant vehicles by Sadiq Khan.

This would be the second U-turn by Beales who supported ULEZ before he became the candidate in Uxbridge and South Ruislip and then saying he opposed it.

However, Tories have pointed out that his party leader Starmer has earned the name “Sir Flip Flop” because of his series of policy U-turns.

Most recently he has reversed plans to take away charity status from private schools. He has also abandoned pledges to nationalise energy companies, cancel limits on child benefit, abolish tuition fees and hold a second referendum on Brexit among other issues.

Starmer also supported ULEZ until the by-election, but supported Beales in opposing it when they tried to win Boris Johnson’s former seat.

Voters in the seat, however, gave the Tories a surprise victory with new Conservative MP Steve Tuckwell saying in his victory speech that it was Sadiq Khan and the ULEZ expansion to outer London which had enabled him to win agaisnt the odds and national opinion polls.

Following the result, Starmer indicated that plans for ULEZ in towns and cities across the UK had been abandoned.

But Deputy Leader Angela Rayner appeared to let the cat out of the bag in a Sky News interview when she said: “”You have got to remember that this [ULEZ] is coming to towns and cities across the UK.”



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