Labour Party MOCKED as 'self-cannibalising' by Alexandra Phillips over Long-Bailey sacking

Alex Phillips told talkRADIO the left has previously blown the whistle on the encroachment of free speech.’ She added that the left are “self-cannibalising” over the decision to sack Ms Long-Bailey. 

Ms Phillips asserted: “The left at the moment are self-cannibalising over this.

“I think it is actually unfortunate for her, she retweeted something and if she was prepared to say I didn’t understand the content and I am sorry for that then I think an apology should be accepted.

“The left are the ones who have blown the whistle on this constant encroachment of free speech.

“Perhaps Keir Starmer is just sending out a very strong message that he will not be tolerant of anti-Semitism.”

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She added: “I do think sacking somebody for retweeting an article is almost trial without a jury.

“You have got to ask when does it end?

“This constant vilification of someone putting a foot wrong even if accidentally is dangerous for free speech.”

Earlier today Laura Kuenssberg warned Sir Keir Starmer of the potential fallout of his decision to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey.

“His backers are very pleased, they say that this shows his actions match up to his words.

“It was something that was so toxic for Jeremy Corbyn under the Labour Party.

“It caused such trouble and agony in the Labour Party and among many voters of course in Jewish groups, that him moving swiftly was the right thing to do.

“The risk is and we are already seeing it, is that it reopens some of those bitter tensions in the Labour Party that have been under the surface rather than all over the newspapers.”


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