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Lewis Hamilton called out by Horner as Mercedes star accused of ‘selective memory'

The 2022 F1 season offered a sniff of a title fight when Charles Leclerc took an early lead in the World Championship. Max Verstappen quickly extinguished those hopes though as he flexed his muscles in the second half of the season to take back-to-back titles. Many hoped that 2023 would bring a closer battle, but things have gone the other way.

Verstappen has won 17 of the 20 Grands Prix to take place so far this season with Red Bull winning every single race bar one, the only outlier being a victory for Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in Singapore. This has led to some criticism from Hamilton, among other figures in the paddock. 

Speaking to the Eff Won with DRS podcast, Horner explained: “I feel like he’s got selective memory. So you know, some of the winning that they did in that period was just obscene. We’ve had a good run for a couple of years, but the one guy that shouldn’t be saying that I would think, is Lewis.”

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Horner’s comments are backed up by the opinion that Hamilton’s criticism of Red Bull’s domination is hypocritical, given the 38-year-old won six of his seven Drivers’ Championship titles in dominant machinery during Mercedes’ dominant era between 2014 and 2020.

Since the legendary 2021 fight, the pendulum has swung the way of Red Bull. Hamilton has routinely called on the FIA to intervene in their dominance, claiming that having the same team winning every week will be bad for the fans’ enjoyment of the sport.

Discussing the changes F1 needs to make, Hamilton said: “I think, within our sport, we have to continue to work on making sure we’re having close racing because I think you’ve seen the social engagement drop a huge amount this year being that. It’s obviously heavily impacted on competition. People want to see that.

“So, we have to make sure that we’re making the right decisions, or the governing body is making the right decisions, to keep us close and great racing right to the end. We need more grandstands. I don’t know whether we need to lower the cost but maybe, I don’t know.”



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