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Liverpool have two Kylian Mbappe trump cards as Real Madrid 'abandon' transfer pursuit

“We talked a little bit, but not too much,” Mbappe told The Telegraph last year. “It’s a good club and we met them five years ago. When I was in Monaco I met them. It’s a big club.”

The French international would surely be enticed by the prospect of working under a manager who has admired him for years. Klopp himself made that clear shortly after Mbappe’s comments surfaced, saying: “Of course we are interested in Kylian Mbappe, we are not blind! Actually nothing to say about that. Between Kylian and Liverpool, it’s all set. It’s all fine. We of course like him, if we didn’t like him we’d have to question ourselves. But we are not, we cannot, be part of these battles. There must be other clubs involved but that’s fine. He’s still a great player.”



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