Luxury cruises boasting ‘personalised’ experiences to transform holidays after lockdown

James Cole has more than two decades of experience in the cruise industry and has used the extra time in lockdown to perfect an opulent new cruising brand promising “personalised” experiences.

By compiling the wisdom he gained as the founder of UK brands including Cruise118, Six Star Cruises and River Voyages to develop a new line which he believes will perfectly fill a gap lustful cruisers are looking for.

His latest venture, Panache Cruises, promises journeys spanning “all four corners of the globe” and will span oceans, rivers and lakes.

“My aim is for Panache Cruises to become the UK’s leading distributor of luxury cruises over the coming years specialising in Elite Ocean, River, Expedition and Yacht-Style cruising, offering high-quality personal service via its Cruise Connoisseur service,” explains Mr Cole.

It is this service that the entrepreneur thinks will raise the bar for guests looking to add a little extra sparkle to their favourite form of holiday.

“We will be absolute specialists in Elite Ocean, River, Expedition and Yacht-Style cruising,” he continues.

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