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Man ‘kidnapped’ by his runaway electric car – had to call police to ram him off the road

A man who was “kidnapped” by his electric car had to call the police and ask them to ram him off the road and has said he may never buy another electric car.

Scotland-based Brian Morrison, 53, was driving his electric MG SUV on October 1 when he realised it wouldn’t stop.

Mr Morrison made the shocking discovery as he came up to a roundabout and found that the car wouldn’t go below 30mph.

After calling his wife and then the police, he was then advised to collide with a police van which would slow the vehicle to a halt.

The incident has left Mr Morrison shaken after the “terrifying” experience.

He said: “I realised something was wrong when I was coming up to a roundabout, and went to slow down – but it didn’t do it.

“Then I heard a loud grinding noise that sounded like brake pads – but because it was such a new car I knew it couldn’t be a problem with them.

“I managed to get around the roundabout going at about 30mph, and then had a long road ahead of me, so I assumed it would stop without me accelerating – but it didn’t. I have mobility issues, so I couldn’t even jump out – I was completely trapped inside the car going at 30mph.”

Soon after Mr Morrison’s call for help, three police cars arrived on the scene where they tried all manner of methods to get the MG to stop.

They tried throwing the keys out of the window and trying to disengage the car but to no avail.

Eventually, they realised the only solution was another vehicle to physically intervene.

Mr Morrison explained: “Eventually I came up to a roundabout, which slowed the car down to about 15mph, and the Police van was waiting for me on the other side.

“I went into the back of the van while it was moving before they put on the brakes to stop me. After that, a police officer jumped into my car and did something which seemed to keep the car still.

“After I got out though, they tried moving their van and the car kept going – so they had to sit with the van there for ages until the RAC got there.”

When the mechanic arrived to do a diagnosis, they found a litany of faults which they said they had never seen before. Meanwhile, Brian’s insurance company is now investigating the incident.

In a statement, a Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 10.35pm on Sunday, 1 October, we received a report of a driver unable to stop his electric car on the A803 heading towards Kirkintilloch.

“The car was travelling at a low speed and officers carried out a controlled halt with the aid of a police vehicle. There was no damage to either vehicle.

“The driver arranged for the vehicle to be recovered.”



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