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Martin Kemp v Gary Kemp net worth: Richest Spandau Ballet brother exposed

Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp have had long and successful careers both together and apart, after finding fame as part of Spandau Ballet in 1979. The close-knit brothers have appeared in films together, most notably as The Krays, as well as having huge success as actors and musicians in their own right. But which brother has made the biggest fortune since becoming a household name?

Martin Kemp net worth

Martin Kemp is estimated to have a net worth of £3.2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Martin Kemp, 58, is the younger brother of the two, and was recruited for his brother Gary’s band in 1979 – which is when they became Spandau Ballet, with Martin playing bass. 

However, the English star is also well known as an actor, having starred in The Krays alongside his brother as well as playing soap baddie Steve Owen in EastEnders.

The singer won awards for the role, which ultimately saw him killed off in a now iconic car chase with rival Phil Mitchell. 

Gary wrote the lyrics and music for all 23 of Spandau Ballet’s hit singles, including True, Gold, and Only When You Leave. 

In 1999 there was a dispute over the royalties from the songs, with his three fellow band members – including singer Tony Hadley – claiming up to £1million of the writer’s royalties. 

However, the judge ruled against the claim, with the High Court deciding that they had no copyright over the hit songs. 

Gary said at the time: “I see this as a victory on behalf of all songwriters. Over the past few years there have been many cases brought against writers from people trying unfairly to claim in some of their royalties, or confuse and blur the difference between composing and performing.”

He’s also more recently been touring the US with Nick Mason’s band Saucerful of Secrets, while Spandau Ballet has no plans to reform. 

However, like his younger brother, Gary has plenty of on-screen credits too as a successful actor. 

His credits include playing alongside Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard as the singer’s PR manager, as well as playing opposite Martin in The Krays. 

Gary has also starred in various TV roles including Murder in Mind, Murder Investigation Team, and Casualty.


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