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McDonald's customer furious after biting into a metal rod in his burger

A man was horrified to bite down into his McDonald’s burger and find a sharp metal road hidden within. 

He pulled an inch-ling rod out from his McChicken in disgust and showed it to his girlfriend, who took to social media to seek answers.

She then took the burger back to the restaurant, where she was offered either a refund or a replacement for the meal.

She said that a worker told her that the metal rod was likely a thermometer probe that had snapped off earlier in the day.

Staff had apparently been searching for the implement for a while, she said.

She asked a private social media group: “What would you do?”

Her boyfriend had got just one bite in before feeling something hard crunch between his teeth. 

The metal rod appeared to have been from the end of a chicken probe used to check the temperature of patties before being served up.

Online users seemed shocked that staff had simply accepted that the metal rod was missing, and had apparently forgotten about it.

Former fast food employees urged the woman to contact the store owner.

One former manager responded: “They do temperature checks two to three times a day.

“It literally might have just happened but how they did not realise when they pulled it out is crazy.

“Ask to speak to the store manager and the franchiser and complain.”

Another former employee added: “They poke the chicken patty only two centimetres in to test the temperature for it to be ok to serve to customers. They don’t poke it the whole way in.

“So for that to be ‘lost’ I call BS.”

Others dismissed the problem, and appeared to see it as standard fare for McDonald’s.

“People are so dramatic these days, it’s all processed, s*** is bound to get in the food,” said one.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “McDonald’s takes food and drink safety very seriously. We follow strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of our food.

“We are investigating this and encourage the customer to contact our Customer Service team so we can look into it in more detail.”

The fast food chain provides routine temperature checks on everything cooked in-store to ensure that it is safe to serve to customers. 

It is not known which restaurant served the tainted McChicken that the anonymous woman returned for a refund.



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