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Meghan Markle to face her 'most challenging 12 months yet' as she plans next steps

Meghan Markle has been advised that the next 12 months could be her “most challenging yet” as she attempts to navigate her next steps alongside Prince Harry.

The couple were a great success at the 2023 Invictus Games in Germany earlier this month, but as Invictus is predominantly Harry’s project, Meghan may want to carve out her own path.

Rumours have gathered pace that she may be about to release her own autobiography, however an expert has said this could be a “career breaker” if she does not tread carefully.

Entertainment commentator Mark Boardman told OK! magazine: “Meghan’s facing a dilemma over her future. This is going to be the most challenging 12 months for her as she works out where she sits in the entertainment world. There are big challenges ahead and everyone’s looking to see what she does next.”

Although the expert pointed out that Meghan’s book would undoubtedly be a “massive seller”, it could backfire if it receives the same critical response as Harry’s memoir Spare did.

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He added: “I think she’ll have learned and taken all the feedback from Spare and will definitely know the direction her memoir will go in.

“But the publishers will want juicy gossip to make it an interesting read. No publisher wants to reprint information that’s already out in the public domain. They’ll demand all the juicy stuff, like, ‘What does Charles really have for breakfast?’

“And there will be a lot of tough questions for Meghan to answer, too, as the publishers ask her, ‘What’s Charles really like?’ Once that information is out there in print, there will be absolutely no coming back from it. This could literally be a career breaker.”

Mr Boardman explained that the Duchess was at risk of igniting a “new wave of controversy” if her book exposed “scandalous” details about the royals or if the tone was particularly “confrontational”.

He claimed that Meghan needed to write something that “shows her in her best light” as anything that widens the rift between Harry and the rest of his family is likely to go down badly with the public.

Royal author Duncan Larcombe said that the best move for Harry and Meghan right now is to capitalise on the success of this year’s Invictus Games in Germany.

He explained: “I thought the Invictus Games were a success. They got a lot of publicity this month and it’s growing year on year. People recognise Invictus as an essential and very worthy cause and they have a lot of enthusiasm for it.

“The 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto are where she and Harry were first seen stepping out as a couple. They held hands and smiled for the cameras. Right from the start, Meghan has been on board with the Invictus message.

“Any kind of book that reveals or goes into any added detail about the relationship between the Waleses and the Sussexes and their rift is like picking a scab.

“If Harry and Meghan want to heal their relationship with the royals – which they may or may not want to do – that’s certainly the wrong way of going about it.”



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