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Meghan Markle's desperate ploy to get more famous in Hollywood revealed by Omid Scobie

Scobie went on to add that Meghan visiting the magazine offices where he worked gave him a rare advantage.

He also suggested the visit was a factor in Meghan later trusting him as a journalist.

In 2016, Scobie, who worked for Us Weekly at the time, told the James O’Brien podcast Full Disclosure: “Suits was a huge thing for our magazine.

“Funnily enough a year or two earlier – I wasn’t in the office at the time – Meghan’s agent or publicist had brought her in to just meet editors and see if there was something to do. She was very much on the radar, even if she wasn’t up there with the big-name celebrities.”

He added: “We really had a lead. I had the lead in covering the early days of this relationship, and when I left the magazine they were my focus for this [royal] beat.”

The author also spoke about how his early connection to Meghan allowed the couple to trust him as a reporter who could be sympathetic to her situation as a mixed-race person marrying into the British monarchy.

He claimed: “She had picked the people she wanted to cover it. I was able to be the one that provided the different perspective. I was known as the safe face at least.”



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