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Melania Trump told Donald he 'didn’t look good' before campaign event

Donald Trump ranted to his campaign rally audience in Iowa that Melania told him he “didn’t look good.”

“The lights get much more powerful, but you look like cr*p on television,” the 77-year-old frontrunner in the 2024 GOP presidential primary said in his speech.

He continued to tell the audience that he asked his wife how he looked, to which she allegedly replied: “You didn’t look good, too much light.”

He implied the expensive cameras were purchased with his campaign donations because “we’re doing so well.”

However, he argued the strong lights prevent him from seeing the audience and make him look bad.

The clip from the speech went viral after Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief of the liberal media outlet MeidasTouch, shared it on X, formerly Twitter. It has 3.4 million views at press time since being shared yesterday morning.

Trump’s Iowa speech kicked off with a prayer. Then Iowa State Rep. Heather Hora who said about Trump: “We all remember when he came down that escalator. It almost felt like Superman was coming to save the world.”

Afterward, Iowa’s GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann said: “People understand that the Democrats are crazy and the woke has overworked their welcome!”

Agriculture is one of the top industries in the landlocked Midwest state. Farm subsidies ballooned under Trump, skewing in favor of the richest farmers and landowners, the non-profit group Environmental Working Group reported in 2021.

He also claimed electric cars are useless, claiming people who own them become schizophrenic.

Going a bit off script, he said he’d rather be electrocuted to death than be eaten by a shark. He also boasts to the bible belt that he saved Christmas.

He proceeded to go on an approximately 17-minute-long rant about his opponent Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, despite declaring that he doesn’t care about DeSantis because he is polling way ahead of the Florida state governor.

At one point, he also called out an Iowa senator in the audience and said she is “a beautiful female.”

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