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Missile strike which hit Poland border killing two border 'came from Ukraine'

A missile that struck a grain facility in the eastern village of Przewodow near the Ukrainian-Polish state border in November 2022, claiming the lives of two innocent individuals, was fired from Ukrainian soil.

The incident initially stirred controversy and confusion, with conflicting reports from Polish officials and neighbouring nations.

Poland’s leading economic daily, Rzeczpospolita, reported that the fatal explosion was caused by a rocket launched from Ukraine.

According to the publication, the missile in question had a range of 75 to 90 kilometres (46 to 55 miles), making it impossible for it to have originated from Russian positions at the time of the incident.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that the missile was identified as an S 300 5-W-55 air-defence missile, further corroborating the claim of Ukrainian involvement.

Initially, Poland’s foreign ministry had pointed fingers at Russia, stating that the missile was of Russian origin. However, President Andrzej Duda exercised caution, refraining from attributing blame until further investigation.

Russia vehemently denied any involvement, claiming that no strikes were made near the Ukrainian-Polish state border using Russian military means.

The incident occurred amid a tense period in the region, with numerous Russian missiles being launched at Ukraine just days before the blast. Several of these missiles struck the city of Lviv, a mere 50 miles from the Polish border. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, reacting to the incident, called any strike on a NATO country a “significant escalation,” urging decisive action in response.

Despite the mounting evidence pointing towards Ukrainian involvement, Ukraine steadfastly denies any responsibility for the missile strike on Polish territory.

Rzeczpospolita’s report also noted that Ukrainian authorities have not provided any material to aid Polish investigators, deepening the mystery surrounding the incident.



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