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Mohamed Salah warned off Saudi move as Zlatan Ibrahimovic aims dig at Cristiano Ronaldo

But Ibrahimovic added that he had no moral problem about playing in Saudi Arabia, adding: “You have the golf situation now. They came together and they made it one, so I am just sorry for the players that didn’t go before because they didn’t get the money that the [other] players got. Listen, wherever you play football, it’s football. Football connects people. It’s a dream we share, both of us.

“You are a fan, you are not a professional. You are an Arsenal fan, and I feel sorry for you a little bit, but as a professional football player, as long as you play football, and Saudi is growing, MLS is growing. China had a peak, and then I don’t know, the situation changed there. But a moral thing, no, we do things for ourselves and our family.

“Who would judge you in five or 10 years when you have a wealthy, healthy life and have a good life? Because I don’t think anything is for free. You don’t work for free. I don’t work for free. I don’t need money but I am very expensive, that’s the difference.”

To watch the full interview go to Piers Morgan Uncensored on YouTube.



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