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Most parking tickets appeals are won – how to know if you have 'sufficient grounds'

The price comparison website has advised drivers to try and challenge unfair parking convictions after a new study revealed that over two thirds of appeals led to fine being cleared.

The report noted that around 35,000 motorists dispute parking fines with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, with 64 percent of appeals successful.

Greg Wilson, founder of, noted that drivers should always appeal a parking fine if they believe it was issued unlawfully.

He explained: “Many drivers are reluctant to go through the appeal process and are afraid of missing out on the reduced fine, however, with a surprising two-thirds of the appeals proving successful, it’s certainly worth considering.

“If any of these situations mentioned above apply to you, then there are sufficient grounds to appeal against the parking ticket.”

READ MORE: ‘I’m a car cleaning expert – there are four things you should never do when washing yours’ highlighted that it is free for motorists to appeal parking tickets, however they must be able to prove that they were unfairly fined.

The company noted that the most common reasons for parking incorrectly or for longer than a driver paid for include not being able to get back to a car or because it broke down.

They also recommended that motorists should always act quickly and have some evidence, such as a photo or CCTV camera recording to prove that the fine was invalid.

Greg also noted that drivers may also be able to save some money by considering where they park their vehicle, which can considerably affect the cost of insurance.

He added: “Where you park can also have a significant effect on your car insurance cost.

36 percent of households across the UK have at least two cars, making street parking a reality for many families and can increase premiums by £140 on average.”

According to the RAC, most insurers will give lower rates to motorists who state that they park their vehicle in a garage overnight, since it would be harder for thieves to steal it.

However, drivers who are looking to save money were advised to make sure all the information they state on their car’s insurance policy is honest.

The warning comes as the price of car insurance continues to rise, with noting that the typical cost for 12-months of comprehensive insurance during the second quarter of 2023 was £776, an increase of 40 percent in 12 months.



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