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Mum arrested for 'stuffing her baby daughter's corpse in bottom of dumpster'

An Alabama woman is being held on a $200,000 bond after she allegedly dumped the corpse of her newborn daughter in a dumpster behind a convenience store.

Nicole Crow, 36, was charged with one count of abuse of a corpse after police recovered the baby “stuffed in the bottom of the dumpster under several large bags of trash”.

Officers intervened after a relative phoned in expressing concern about the baby’s whereabouts.

The family member reportedly told the police Crow had been eight months pregnant but they thought she had already delivered the baby.

Decatur police said in a statement they conducted a welfare check on Crow after receiving a call from the relative, saying that she “was believed to have recently given birth”.

They said the investigation helped them conclude that the woman had indeed had the baby and they later received additional information “that the dumpster on the property of Wally World Mini Mart, located at 2505 Point Mallard Drive…needed to be searched.”

Officers searched the dumpster and found the body of an infant girl hidden away in a trash bag.

The remains were brought to the Alabama Department of Forensic Science for an autopsy as police collected more evidence to secure a warrant for Crow’s arrest.

She was then “immediately located and taken into custody by investigators at her home in Decatur, located just a mile from the mini-mart”.

Police are currently investigating the baby’s cause of death as Crow remains booked in Morgan County Jail.

They insisted that the case is still ongoing and that “additional criminal charges are likely forthcoming as more evidence is obtained”.

Local reports have since suggested Crow’s sister tipped off the police about the incident after allegedly spotting her leaving home with a large white trash bag.

A family member told WAFF-48 that the suspect’s sister tried looking into the bag but was shooed away.

She also allegedly found bloodied feminine products in the trash which further fueled her belief that Crow had already given birth.

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