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Mum shares ‘little trick’ to dry wet laundry in ‘half the time’ using fitted sheet

It can be incredibly frustrating when laundry doesn’t dry in the winter months, especially when the basket is piling up and the wet clothes are beginning to smell damp.

To help other people struggling to dry their laundry, a mum has shared a “brilliant” tip on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page.

Jordan Burden wrote: “I was always told if the ground is dry, no matter the season, your clothes will dry too, just takes a little longer.

“Little trick I learnt when winter comes is to get your clothes airer and a spare bed sheet and wrap it around the clothes airer.

“Attach it to the radiator or a heated fan and it traps the heat and dries the clothes quicker.”

The mum’s helpful tip had more than 30 comments and 50 likes from others who had also “tried and tested” this way of drying laundry.

One anonymous group member wrote: “I’ve tried and tested this, it works brilliantly, your clothing will dry in half the time.

“Just make sure the clothing has enough room around it so the hot air can circulate properly, otherwise your laundry will smell.”

Anita Shrisi commented: “This is brilliant, I’m going to see if there is enough space near my radiators to do this.”

A TikTok superstar also recommended this drying hack, @cleanwithjen, who has more than one million followers on the app.

Jen told her fans: “Clothes drying hack! Now the wet weather is here, here is a little hack to get your clothes drier quickly if you are using a normal clothes horse!”

When following this method, make sure the bed sheet is large enough to cover the airer, a king-size should do the job for most airers.

When it comes to placing clothing on the rack, it is important to make sure the clothes are strategically placed.

This involves making sure longer and bulkier items are placed towards the top, taking care to avoid any clothing dragging on the floor.

Dehumidifiers are also a great investment because they help to draw the excess moisture out of the laundry, helping to avoid damp smells forming.



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