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‘My friend asked me to get a mole removed for her wedding – what do I do?’

A bridesmaid was shocked when her soon-to-be-wed friend made an odd request – for her to get a mole removed.

The woman, 24, had been looking forward to being in her friend Zoe’s wedding but things took a turn when the bride wanted to make sure everyone “looked good” for the big day.

Zoe took the bridesmaid out to coffee without the others and asked if she would consider getting the mole on her right cheek removed, and made clear she wouldn’t be in the wedding otherwise.

She explained she “wanted everyone to look good in the wedding photos as well as on the wedding day.”

The bridesmaid took to Reddit to ask for advice, saying her friend thought her mole would be a “distraction” and that she “wouldn’t look good” in photos.

She continued: “Zoe said that she would pay for the surgery out of pocket, as she could afford it, and all I would have to do was go in and get it removed. 

“I told her that I needed time to think about it. She said she understood, but let me know that it would be mandatory for me to have the procedure in order to be a bridesmaid.”

The bridesmaid explained how she used to cover up the mole with foundation and concealer but now she is “slowly starting to embrace it”.

She then wondered if she might be happier without the mole and didn’t want to ruin her friend’s special day.

But other Reddit users came to reassure her, shocked that Zoe would make such a request of her friend.

One commented: “I don’t think your ‘friend’ is the friend you think she is. Someone who loves you for who are would NEVER ask you to permanently alter your body to conform to their personal standards of beauty and, even worse, to alter your body for an event that will be happening for just a few hours.

“If you choose to remove the mole, do it because you want to. Otherwise, may I suggest the thing that you really need to be excised from your life is the bride.”

Another agreed: “Any ‘friend’ who tells you ‘you can’t be in my wedding unless you get cosmetic surgery’ isn’t actually a good friend. That’s a completely bananas level of entitlement. A good wedding photographer is going to touch up the photos anyway, and could just remove it that way. 

“But also, if your friend was actually your friend, she wouldn’t even bring it up; everyone has skin marks. They’re not a ‘distraction’ unless you’re a petty shallow person. I know exactly what I’d tell any friend of mine who told me I had to get cosmetic surgery for their wedding, and I absolutely wouldn’t be at that wedding.”



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