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NCIS LA: What Kensi and Deeks scene left Daniela Ruah emotional? 'Couldn't stop crying'

NCIS Los Angeles has followed Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) from when they were just friends until their marriage a few seasons back. The duo have gone through plenty of ups and downs over that time – but star Daniela Ruah has admitted one scene in particular left her heartbroken.

What Kensi and Deeks scene left Daniela Ruah emotional?

There’s no doubt fans of NCIS Los Angeles love the romantic storyline between Kensi and Deeks in the show.

Ever since Deeks joined towards the end of season one, their romance developed over the years.

This led to their much-anticipated wedding on the show in season 10, which was one of the highlights of their story for viewers.

Ahead of filming the wedding, the actors revealed what their favourite scenes were in an interview with TV Insider.

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Deeks had been putting pressure on Kensi to agree their next mission would be their last and then they’d leave the team.

This all came to a head in episode 23 when they met in a parking lot and confronted how each other felt about this.

Kensi admitted she could not see herself leaving the team in the immediate future at all, leading to a heated argument between the pair.

Deeks told her: “The longer that we stay in, the better chance that this ends really poorly for us. You know that, right?”

He told her if they got out then they could have a fantastic life together just the two of them, discussing having children.

Kensi told him: “I can’t give that to you without lying to you or compromising who I am and I will not do that to either one of us ever.”


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