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Nearly six in ten Brits have been left creeped-out by issues around their home

Nearly six in ten Brits hear and see things in their homes that creep them out, according to research. A study of 2,000 adults revealed 36 percent have experienced flickering or dimming lights with seemingly no explanation, while more than a fifth (22 percent) have noticed unexplained cold spots or draughts, in an otherwise warm room.

And 18 percent find creaking floorboards in their home give them the creeps – alongside insects running around the house (26 percent), security lights turning on unprovoked (28 percent), and doors creaking (40 percent).

As a result, more than a quarter (28 percent) are looking to put their DIY skills to good use by fixing up their household repairs.

However, almost half (45 percent) say they lack the skills, and a fifth (21 percent) admit that they don’t have the proper tools or equipment to tackle these jobs.

A spokesman from B&Q, which commissioned the research, said: “In the dead of night, a dripping tap can sound ominous, whilst a loose window flapping in the breeze can cast some scary shadows and loud noises.

“These haunting household issues often have easy and affordable fixes which many can implement at home – and now is the perfect time to get those DIY tasks sorted, and keep your home spook-free this Halloween.”

It also emerged the average household has at least five DIY tasks left to tackle in their home – with almost a third (29 percent) being too scared they’ll make a mistake, and one in ten (11 percent) haunted by past jobs that they’ve previously messed up on.

The B&Q study, carried out via, found the loft was voted the creepiest room in the house, followed by the garage, and the spare bedroom.

And more than one in ten admitted to arguing with someone in their house about whether a spooky sound had a haunted origin, while 28 percent have been left baffled after finding a door or window open that they were convinced they’d closed.

Meanwhile, a further 28 percent also believe their homes feel spookier during the winter months – with eight percent having had a guest comment on the eerie sights and sounds.

It also emerged that 13 percent had no idea some issues around the home, like mouldy walls, could negatively impact their health.



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