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Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson's return 'sealed' as secret past finally exposed

Charlene (played by Kylie Minogue) hasn’t been seen on Neighbours for over three decades but to this day, she is still one of the infamous characters to come out of Erinsborough. During her time on the Channel 5 soap, she fell in love with heartthrob Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) with their wedding going on to be one of the most-watched television moments in history. The pair have been mentioned several times since their departures from Ramsay Street, but neither has returned physically, much to the dismay of viewers. However, a certain plot twist could see the iconic character make her comeback as her backstory is explored a little further and a secret from her past with her husband coming to light.

Although they left Erinsborough together in the late 80s, one of Scott and Charlene’s offspring turned up on Ramsay Street in 2014.

Daniel Robinson (Tim Phillipps) wanted to learn about the place where his parents fell in love and in doing so, decided to stay with his uncle Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) as he came settled in the area.

During his two-year stint on the show, viewers discovered the youngster’s parents were still together and his mother even made an appearance when he spoke with her on the phone.

The young Robinson man was later joined by the couple’s youngest daughter, Madison Robinson (Sarah Ellen), but both have since left the soap.

However, could their actually be a third child who was born just as Charlene made her grand exit from the show and could this be the real reason she had to leave?

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Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson to return

Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson’s return ‘sealed’ as secret past finally exposed (Image: GETTY)

Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson son Daniel Robinson

Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson’s son Daniel Robinson has already made an appearance on the soap (Image: Channel 5)

Viewers have recently seen Drag Race royalty Courtney Act arrive on Ramsey Street in her second stint on the Australian drama to celebrate Pride at the Lassiters Hotel.

Although this is only a guest appearance for a multi-episode arc, it seems there could be legroom for the stage performer to make a future comeback.

In an exclusive interview with as Courtney prepares to wow the UK with her Fluid stage tour next year, the soap star explained how she could pop up again in Erinsborough.

“I am picketing Jason [Herbison], the Executive Producer, to have my come back as Scott and Charlene’s love child as Courtney Ramsey Robinson. We’ll see how it goes.”

Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson and Scott Robinson

Neighbours spoilers: Charlene Robinson and Scott Robinson could have three children (Image: GETTY)

Courtney Act

Courtney Act will be kick starting her Fluid tour in April 2021 (Image: Courtney ACT/LD Communications)

Picketing to return as Charlene’s love child

Courtney Act

So, if Courtney is the third and eldest child of Charlene and Scott, could her mother be forced to return to Ramsay Street to explain the real reason she had to leave over 30 years ago.

Officially, her exit storyline saw the iconic character move to Brisbane after her grandfather, Dan Ramsay (Syd Conabere), brought the couple a house.

Scott didn’t initially go as he had some loose ends to tie up before he joined his wife to start a new life together.

However, was this all put in place because the expectant mother was pregnant and the parents needed a strong foundation to start a family?

The Australian drama is known for bringing in extended family members here and there, co it wouldn’t be completely inconceivable for Courtney to be Charlene’s child.

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This might also explain why the chemistry between Paul and the Drag Race star was so fierce as the soap stalwart had no idea Shane Jenek was her male alias.

Although he was confused, the guest star’s stance of wanting to play on this was a mirror image of the hotel owner’s manipulative characteristic.

Could the two characters have more in common than first thought as it becomes apparent they are actually related?

Viewers will have to sit and wait to discover if Charlene does make an appearance in the future but following her stint on Neighbours, Courtney is now preparing for her Fluid stage tour, which will be visiting 11 cities across the UK from April 2021.

Speaking of her upcoming performances, which have been postponed due to coronavirus, the Drag Race star said: “It’s my favourite show that I’ve ever done. The songs, which I wrote myself, the stories, the band, the costumes and just the whole vibe of it.”

Courtney Act Fluid TourCourtney Act Fluid Tour [Courtney Act/LD Communications]

“Just so excited to get back out there and do it,” she added, going on to talk about some of the original music which will be showcased.

“It’s pop music and it’s telling stories and those songs that go with the stories about my own journey through gender and sexuality.”

Having already performed the show in Australia, the former Celebrity Big Brother winner explained: “Although some of the stories were coming to terms with my own gender identity and understanding my sexuality, after the show, a lot of the audience who weren’t queer said, ‘Oh, I totally understood the show and there was such a universal message to it all’.

“And people of all gender’s, sexuality’s and persuasions felt they, sort of, connected with the story which was really amazing to hear.”

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

Courtney Act will be bringing ‘Fluid’ to the UK and Ireland in April 2021. Tickets are available from Monday 29 June via and you can sign up for an exclusive pre-sale here.


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