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Nestlé makes big change to popular chocolate product – but chocolate fans should be happy

The Milkybar White Chocolate Buttons Bag may taste a little different now, with The Sun reporting that it will have its milk content decreased from 37.5 per cent to 26.4 per cent.

This marks a reversal of the food company’s 2017 decision to up the milk content in this popular chocolate product.

Just days ago, observant chocoholic Anna Woods took to the Facebook page Food Finds UK Official when she discovered the change.

She told the forum: “I’ve just brought a bag of the Milkybar buttons with the new packaging and can officially confirm they have gone back to the old recipe of putting sugar in first and they’re not advertising milk as number one ingredient, thanks Nestlé, so happy.”

Opinions were mixed but many Milkybar fans hadn’t even noticed the change.

Jaz Miller said: “Oh I had some other day I didn’t even realise lol I just love chocolate.”(sic)

Jessica Court added: “Didn’t even realise and I had a packet the other day! Got a share bag at home too lol. Love Milkybar.”

Adam Orford did not appear to be a fan of the supposed change. He said: “Having more sugar in a product isn’t a good thing. Having less milk in a product that literally has the name MILKybar, is also not a good thing.”

Anna Woods responded: “Yes but it’s the proper, original thing and means it will taste better.”

A Nestlé spokesperson made a statement regarding Milkybar’s white choclate buttons, as reported by The Sun.

They said: “Our Milkybar products are now being made from the same white chocolate recipe as we use throughout the rest of Europe.

“Moving to this recipe means our balance of ingredients has changed. However, milk remains one of the main ingredients of Milkybar and the amount of sugar remains unchanged.”

The spokesperson reassured chocolate fans that in UK testing, the European recipe was more popular, scoring higher across flavour, taste and texture. has contacted Nestlé for comment.



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