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New documentary details mile-long 'spaceship' sighting spotted by more than 300 people

More than 300 people claimed they saw a giant, “delta-shaped” UFO crossing the Texas sky over 16 years ago.

Estimates of its size ranged from “over 300 feet to one mile long,” as the large “V-shaped formation,” sometimes seen with seven orange-red lights.

Now, a new documentary aims to bring new details to light on the “spaceship”.

Netflix’s new series “Encounters”, which premiered on Wednesday, shed new light on the 2007 and 2008 sightings of a UFO in Stephenville.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, several eyewitnesses and the nanotechnology engineer whose investigation helped to “capture” the giant UFO spoke to Netflix about the moment for it’s new show.

Robert Powell, the engineer in question, said his work on the 2007-2008 Stephenville, Texas, UFO incident was one of the last times the FAA would release raw radar tower data to the general public via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

He told the Daily Mail: “Next time I asked, I couldn’t get that radar data.

“Basically, what they no longer provide is the type that I got there, where you get the individual tower and all of the raw data that comes from that radar tower.”

Pilot and businessman Steve Allen told Netflix he saw high-intensity lights moving at an incredibly high velocity at the time of the Stephenville sighting.

He added: “It was almost like a religious experience like I was at one with whatever it was.”

One believer also claimed he managed to capture the possible UFO on his video camera.

However, they said that “something was interfering with the quality … whoever was responsible for it, did not want clear footage of it.”

It comes as Scottish IT expert Gary McKinnon, who claims he found evidence of contact with “non-terrestrial”, poured cold water on hopes proof of aliens will be made public

Now 57, McKinnon illegally gained access to US Army, Navy, Air Force, Pentagon, and NASA computers in 2002.

He told the US Sun: “They will never tell us the truth … As usual, [NASA]said nothing, on balance (with their recently published study into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

“And when pressed they just repeated their non-committal statement.

“We’ll never get any truth from military institutions, which NASA is, regardless of the fact that it pretends to be a civilian institution.”

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