OnePlus Nord price revealed: here's how to be one of the first to buy one TODAY

OnePlus Nord will cost “below $500,” according to the company. That equates to some £400 in the current (admittedly, volatile) exchange rate. That’s a little pricier than some of OnePlus’ previous efforts. However, the company doesn’t look set to scrimp on any features.

Rumours suggest the more affordable OnePlus Nord will keep a number of the top-tier features found on pricier OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 8 series, including the high refresh-rate display, embedded fingerprint scanner under the screen and a large fast-charging battery. Not only that, but a triple-camera on the back of the OnePlus Nord and dual front-facing cameras for improved video calls and photography tricks are purportedly in the works for the smartphone too.

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OnePlus is gradually teasing more information about the handset on its Instagram page with the release of episodes of a new docu-series called New Beginnings, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the OnePlus Nord. In the first episode, launched on July 30, OnePlus confirmed the name and the “below $500” price tag.

Fingers crossed for some details about the camera, 5G support and high refresh-rate display in episode two, eh?


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