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Optical illusion is ‘painfully accurate’ as it determines if you’re a ‘good listener’

A deceiving optical illusion has gone viral on TikTok after vowing to reveal whether or not the viewer is a good listener.

The test was detailed in a clip captioned: “Whichever object you see first says a lot about your personality.”

Mia Yilin, the mastermind behind the mind quiz, has built a following of 456,300 followers with her mind-opening analyses of characters.

Her recent challenge proved a hit with TikTokers as it rapidly garnered more than 4.5 million views and more than 300,000 likes.

It challenges viewers with a picture depicting two different components, a waterfall and a bear.  

Seeing the water first could indicate that you’re a “very sympathetic person” according to Yilin, who added: “You often think from the perspective of others.”

She continued: “You’re an awesome listener, which is why you have lots of friends.”

One thing these struggle with carrying the emotional baggage of others, which may leave them feeling something “secretly annoyed”.

Meanwhile, those who first saw the bear or panda’s face produced from the waterfall could have completely different personalities.

“If you first saw the bear or panda, then although you may seem very sweet on the outside, you actually have a guarded heart and refuse to let people get too close to you,” noted the TikToker.

These trust issues stem from being hurt too many times in the past, explained Yilin, adding: “You’re a major overthinker and sometimes you feel so tired because of all your busy thoughts.”

Viewers were baffled by the accuracy of their results and raced to the comments to let Yilin know, with one calling the clip “one of the most accurate things” they’d “ever heard”.

Another quipped: “I saw the bear and that was a painfully accurate description.”

One person wrote: “I saw the waterfall, everything is true except me having a lot of friends”.



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