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Ozark season 4 release: Marty and Wendy stars drop hint at filming return 'Whenever!'

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, production and filming on the vast majority of TV shows across the world were brought to a standstill. However, amid the chaos the outbreak caused on the world of television, Ozark season three arrived on Netflix to provide some binge-worthy drama during the worldwide lockdown. Now, following the almighty cliffhanger the season ended on, fans are still on the lookout for an official renewal from the streaming service and the prospect of seeing Marty (played by Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) back on screens.

Despite Ozark proving to be one of Netflix’s most-watched original series, the fourth season is still yet to be given the official green light.

Fans needn’t worry, however, as the cast and crew have spoken publicly in the past about their intentions for the series going forward.

And speaking in a now-unlisted video on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, leading stars Bateman and Linney dropped the biggest clue yet that season four will go-ahead as they discussed returning to filming.

During a one-on-one webchat via FYSEE TV, Bateman quizzed his co-star on life in lockdown and whether she was ready to return to the role of Wendy Byrde.

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In the clip shared on June 4, Bateman asked: “Now, I don’t know when people are going to be seeing this but I’m presuming we’ll still be in some form of a stay at home situation.

“You have an incredible son and an incredible husband, but are you ready to be Wendy again and deal with this husband and those crazy kids you have in Atlanta?

“Or could you stay there and play house forever?”

Linney responded: “I could stay here for a long time, I could.”

She added: “Having said that, you know, I love our show, I love our job,

“And I will be happy to back whenever and wherever we’re able to do that.”

The Marty Byrde star seemed to be in agreement with his co-lead, replying: “Perfectly stated.

“Like you, I do value what we have there as well and looking forward to going back there and doing our job.”

So while there may be no official renewal or release date, it looks like the cast of Ozark could be returning to filming soon.

However, given fans were waiting over a year and a half between seasons two and three, it’s likely an even longer wait may be on the horizon.

Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled and fingers crossed for official word from Netflix that the Byrdes will be back.

Ozark seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.


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