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Pictures: Protests outside Western embassies after airstrike on Gaza hospital

Violent protests have errupted in the Arab world and beyond after a hospital was destroyed in Gaza last night.

Fiery scenes were pictured in Lebanon with similar protests in Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, and rioting on the West Bank. It came after at least 200 Palestinians were thought to have died in an air strike on a hospital in Gaza.

In Iran, hundreds of people are said to have gathered outside both the British and French embassies in the early hours of the morning. According to The Telegraph, crowds chanted “death to France and England” while some people hurled eggs at the compounds.

There have also been protests breaking out in Libya, Morocco, Yemen and Iraq and, beyond the Arab world, in the Netherlands, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

The incident in Gaza led to widespread protests in Istanbul last night. Images from the major Turkish city shows supporters of Palestine marching through the streets and waving flags.

Fires can be seen in the background as protesters hurled fireworks and flares towards the Israeli embassy. Reports from the country also suggest some protesters vandalised a fast food restaurant in the city.

Israel had previously told nationals to leave Turkey.

Shortly after the attack on the Gaza hospital, protesters took to the streets on the West Bank. While Israel denied being behind the attack, the anger against the nation’s regime spilled out onto Ramallah’s streets.

Demostrators were seen starting fires, clashing with police officers, and hurling projectiles. Police meanwhile threw canisters in a bid to disperse those who were rioting.

Pro-Palestine protesters also made their feelings known in Tunisia. People took to the streets of capital Tunis to demand justice following the explosion.

It is thought the blast at Al Ahli hospital killed at least 500 people with a number of Palestinians seeking shelter at the facility, Gaza health officials said. The Israeli military denied responsibility, saying the explosion was caused by a rocket misfired by Islamic Jihad, while Hamas blamed Israeli air strikes.

The Associated Press reported that footage it had confirmed was from the hospital showed the building on fire and its grounds strewn with bodies, many of them young children.

In Iran crowds gathered outside both of the British and French embasies. The protesters also gathered at Palestine Square in Tehran to show support for Gaza.

Some protesters could be heard screaming “death to France and England” while others were seen throwing eggs at the French consulate.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi told agency IRNA: “The flames of the US-Israeli bombs, dropped this evening on the Palestinian victims injured at the… hospital in Gaza, will soon consume the Zionists.”

In Lebanon, protesters set fires at the US embassy and called for a “day of rage”. Thousands descended onto the embassy leading to the military using gas and smoke to force them back.

Footage caught floods of traffic heading towards the US embassy, as protestors prepared to make their voices heard. It prompted the US to issue a Do Not Travel Advisory to the nation.

Hezbollah — an Iran-backed movement based in Lebanon — has reportedly called for an “unprecedented day of anger” in response to this attack.

Hezbollah said in a statement: “Let tomorrow, Wednesday, be a day of rage against the enemy,” Hezbollah said in a statement while encouraging Muslims all over the world to “move immediately to streets and squares to express intense anger.”

In Jordan large crowds could be seen attempting to gain access into the Israeli embassy. Police fired tear gas at the protesters amid the angry scenes.

Following the blast in Gaza Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has said the UK will investigate the incident. He said: “The destruction of Al Ahli hospital is a devastating loss of human life. The UK has been clear. The protection of civilian life must come first.

“The UK will work with our allies to find out what has happened and protect innocent civilians in Gaza.”



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