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Police search home of 69-year-old lumberjack amid search for Sycamore Gap tree feller

Police have searched the house of a 69-year-old former lumberjack as the search for the person who felled the Sycamore Gap tree continues.

On Saturday, September 30, a team of officers reportedly descended on Mr Renwick’s property in search of evidence linking him to the illegal felling of the Sycamore Gap tree, an act which has sent the nation into mourning.

Despite the search, Mr Renwick has denied the whirlwind of accusations being levelled against him.

The tree he is accused of felling stood in a dip along Hadrian’s Wall for 300 years before it was chopped down last week.

It is not yet known who or why the iconic tree was felled on Wednesday night.

On Friday, Northumbria Police said they had arrested a second man on suspicion of felling the tree.

This happened after hours they had released a 16-year-old on bail under investigation. The older suspect remains in custody for questioning.

The felling of the tree, which appeared in the 1991 film Robin Hood starring Kevin Costner, has shocked the nation.

After the incident, Mr Renwick’s brother reportedly rushed to his home to find out if his brother had been behind it.

Speaking to the Sun, Mr Renwick said: “I didn’t do it. I am a former lumberjack and I have just been kicked off my property, so I can see why people have pointed the finger.

“My brother came down to make sure I hadn’t been arrested as he had heard the rumours. It’s very sad. It’s an iconic tree.”

Mr Renwick said it would have been a “perfect night” for someone to commit the crime because it was a full moon which would have provided enough light.

Earlier this year, Mr Renwick was left heartbroken after he lost a long-running battle to stay in a home he has lived in his entire life. 

Plankey Mill had been the Renwick home for three generations until the Jesuits in Britain, who own the land, fought to have Mr Renwick kicked out.

Before an intense court battle at Carlisle County Court, the ChronicleLive reported that Mr Renwick had been served an eviction notice and ordered to leave the farm by July.

Despite putting up his best fight, Mr Renwick still faced conviction and the new owners have recently taken possession of the property.

Speaking to the Chronicle Live Mr Renwick issued an emotional statement.

He said: “I was born here. It is like a tree with roots. You know when your roots are here, everything has been put here: my dogs, my rabbits when I was a kid.

“Every memory I had as a kid, the football, the games when you were a kid when all the campers came.

“Happiness, there is no happiness now. Happiness is gone.”



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