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Prince Harry 'clicked' with Meghan Markle because he was not 'number one' in his family

Prince Harry “clicked” with Meghan Markle because “he does not have a bigger role” in his family, one royal biographer claims.

The Duke of Sussex has always played second fiddle to his older brother Prince William, who is first line to the throne.

In fact, he has slowly descended down the line of succession with the birth of each of his older brother’s children.

As of 2023, Harry is fifth in line to the throne.

His tell-all memoir is littered with examples that suggest he’s tormented by his status as royal “spare” behind William.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Express US, Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, suggested that Harry’s place in the pecking order drew him to Meghan Markle.

In the royal author’s opinion, Meghan offered Harry a chance to reshape his destiny.

He explained: “All Harry’s complaining is really about the fact that he’s not number one, he doesn’t have a bigger role.

“I think that’s why he clicked with Meghan because she comes from a society where if you work hard and you’re talented, you can get to the top.”

In Quinn’s telling, the meritocratic ideal that underpins the American dream – the idea that anyone regardless of their birthright or class can rise to the top on merit – would have appealed to Harry.

With Meghan by his side, he could move to America and escape the rigid hierarchy in which he was born into.

He could start again.

Conversely, this theory also explains why Meghan did not hack it as a working royal.

One has to defer to the crown, a concept that would have felt alien to Meghan, given her background.

“It’s obvious when you think about it, but I think she thought she could come into the Royal Family and be the star,” claims Quinn.

He continued: “And of course, she [Meghan] couldn’t because the monarchical structures are medieval, they’re rigid.”

Also, “you can’t change the fact that William and Kate are number one”, Quinn added.

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