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Prince Harry looked 'awkward and confused' at event full of Hollywood A-listers

Prince Harry looked confused and awkward at a star-studded Hollywood event where he “struggled to be His Royal Highness”, a body language expert has said.

The Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle made an appearance at Kevin Costner’s private estate for a charity fundraiser last weekend.

Yet Prince Harry never appeared truly comfortable at the event and struggled to remain “regal” after one minor mix up, body language expert Jess Ponce said.

He told the Mirror: “After an initial greeting, Prince Harry did his best to be both polite and chivalrous, by prompting his wife to go ahead of him.

“He motioned with his right hand behind her, then Meghan stepped forward and mistakenly reached for the microphone.”

It was then that their Sussexes’ start appearance took a turn for the worse, according to the author.

The pair struggled to keep their “regal” appearance as “confusion took over” following the minor mix-up.

Mr Ponce said: “[Prince Harry] began to rub his hands as he and Meghan continued to walk forward. One might surmise he rubbed his hands in an effort to get some warmth, but the gesture could also very well be a sign of nervousness.”

The Duke rubbed his hands again as he handed over a microphone that had only just been given to him, and it has been suggested that hand rubbing is one of Harry’s ‘tells’.

Harry and Meghan rubbed shoulders with their old Hollywood pals Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey at the event for the charity One805 Live!

Meghan wore her hair up and donned a monochrome jacket for her moment in the spotlight, and Harry wore an all-black suit. The pair were presented with an honourary award by Costner and were spotted chatting to local police and firemen invited to the event.

Meghan was beaming from ear to ear for the cameras, while Prince Harry seemed more subdued in the background.

Access to the star-studded fundraising dinner was certainly not cheap. A ‘last chance’ table at the dinner cost a massive $12,000.

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