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Prince Harry's pal to watch The Crown before him to prevent Duke being re-traumatised

Prince Harry is reportedly gearing up to watch the new and final season of The Crown – but not before his friends watch it first.

The Duke of Sussex is fully aware that some scenes, especially ones involving his late mother, will be a difficult watch.

In order to ensure he enjoys watching, the former royal is reportedly having a “sensitivity viewer” to watch the scene with his last call with his late mother, Princess Diana.

This is to “save him” from traumatic content, according to an insider.

The first four episodes of the final season are being released on Netflix today, November 16, with the final few set to air next month.

The insider told the Telegraph that they “may watch it first in order to save him from anything he may not wish to see.”

The final season will delve into the late Princess Diana’s final days, her tragic death and the immediate aftermath.

A newly-released clip from the Netflix series shows Prince William and Prince Harry missing a call from their mother the day before she died.

The new season will also show scenes of the last conversation that they had with their late mother, as well as the moment they were told of her death.

Despite knowing the focus of season six, Harry is still likely to watch – although William will not be.

Harry has reportedly admitted that he watches the show, and also likes to fact-check as he watches along.

Prince William, however, is not likely to watch the latest series, having previously expressed his frustration at the show.

He had previously criticised the show for glossing over the circumstances surrounding his late mother’s 1995 Panorama interview.

In the show, Diana will finally get a chance to speak to William and Harry, although the two seem rushed to end the call.

Details of the call remain unknown, but it is true that they did speak to their mother the day prior to her death and are still haunted by “desperately rushing” off of the call.

In a 2017 documentary about Diana, Harry and William spoke of their regret, with Harry stating that he regrets “how short the phone call was”.

Neither of them have shared any details of what was spoken about in the call, with The Crown depicting an imagined version of what happened.



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