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Princess Kate's clever 'sustainable' tactic to maintain 'popularity snowball'

Princess Kate is able to keep up her popular image in the Royal Family by avoiding “short intense bursts of attention” and treating her duties as a “marathon not a sprint”, according to an expert.

Gareth Russell, a historian and royal author, outlined how Kate benefitted from the “rush of joy and celebration” that surrounded her royal wedding to Prince William in 2011, which came at a time when a great deal of patriotism was in the air.

The following year, 2012, saw the London Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, further heightening the mood in the country and improving the popularity of the Firm.

However Mr Russell pointed out that Kate’s reputation has continued to be spotless ever since, but he claims it is not down to a “pivotal moment”.

He told GB News: “I don’t think there was a pivotal moment. What is quite interesting about her is that she sees royal life as a marathon, not a sprint.

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“Kate was not asking to make a hugely strong first impression. She took her time in picking her causes.

“She also took her time focusing on her family, and she really looked up to the late Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

“The Princess learned how to engage with the public in the most effective way. What is very clear when you see her is that she enjoys meeting people and that leaves a very positive impression.”

The author added: “So I don’t think there’s one single moment with the Princess of Wales’s popularity.

“It is a gathering snowball, and it’s something that’s sustainable and long-term. That’s something she would prefer as opposed to very short intense bursts of attention and popularity.

“So it’s a marathon, not a sprint for her – she’s very impressive.”

The Princess of Wales won over even more fans last week as she toured around the UK on royal visits in Leeds, Lancaster and Kent.



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