Public toilets map: How YOU can find public toilets open during lockdown

From July 4, a number of lockdown measures are expected to be relaxed, and pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses will start reopening. Due to the lockdown, many public toilets have been closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But if you find yourself caught short, don’t worry, as there is a helpful website available which tells you which public toilets are still open.

With fewer people out in public in recent months, a number of public toilets remain closed at the current time.

But if you find yourself out and need the loo, there are a few apps and websites now available, set up by some very helpful people.

Brothers Thomas and Charles Riley have launched Lockdown Loo to help people find public toilets during the lockdown.

The map includes public toilets that are still open during the lockdown, in addition to pubs, restaurants, cafes and stations which also have toilets available.

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There are now thousands of public toilets marked on the map across the UK.

The initiative only initially included London public toilets, but has now been expanded to include the whole country thanks to helpful people submitting their public toilet locations.

Tom told Femail of his popular invention: “The idea was basically born out of desperation.

“When we came up with the idea, we didn’t realise how popular and useful this would be for women, mothers and also older people or people who might have bladder problems or those who were disabled.”

How to contribute to Lockdown Loo

Lockdown Loo are asking people to contribute any information they have about any public toilets which are open and are not on the map.

The website states: “This website is only as useful as the information we are supplied.

“If you know of toilets which are open – whether they are at pubs, stations, cafes or in a public park – please SUBMIT them.

“We are also monitoring council updates and speaking to businesses.”

On the Lockdown Loo website, there is a handy button where you can submit a “loocation”.

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