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Queen Camilla and Princess Kate spark fan frenzy with sweet moment at Cenotaph

But royal fans were quick to notice a sweet moment between her and the Queen near the end of the event.

One royal fan said on X (formerly known as Twitter): “The Royal Family depart from the Cenotaph following the Remembrance Service. I love the Queen’s smile for Catherine here.”

In another tweet, they added: “A nice moment shared between the Queen and Princess Catherine on the balcony today.”

Another user mentioned: “I love their bond.”

Earlier, a body language expert noted the moment saying Kate appeared to remind Camilla about royal hierarchy.

Judy James said: “There was a moment at the end of the service when both women seemed to define the way that the late Queen’s death has left them still needing small royal hierarchical reminders or cues.

“Camilla turned her head towards the interior but it seemed to need Kate to say ‘after you’ as she turned in the same direction.

“Camilla threw her wide, affectionate smile of what looked like gratitude as the two women stepped elegantly inside.”



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