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‘Really bad’ grout mould stains ‘vanish fast’ with spray cleaner claims is a ‘godsend’

Grout between tiles is notoriously hard to keep clean and mould seems to love it, particularly as it is often found in rooms prone to high humidity levels, such as bathrooms and kitchens, where mould can thrive.

However, there are ways to prevent it from forming and, thankfully, to get rid of it if it has settled in grout and is currently ruining the look of your tiles. 

Taking to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman shared her fantastic grout cleaning results with fellow group members.

Katherine Boyle said: “Oh my god! So my bathroom has had really bad mildew and mould staining on the grout since we moved in and I’d tried so many things to scrub and clean it.

“Seen Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover in Home Bargains and Holy sh**. What a difference!

“Still some little spots left here and there but wow! I didn’t get a before pic but trust me it was bad!

“Only had to scrub a few stubborn bits but the rest you just wipe clean and it literally just vanishes the stains fast!! I’m in love! Honestly, the product is a godsend.”

Other group members were also fans of the product. Katie Noble said: “I love this stuff. It works wonders on mould around windows and on walls too.”

Sarah Chambers wrote: “Amazing stuff! I love it, been using it for years. Best I have found over time and it will even sort the stubborn bits.”

Vicki Fravigar replied: “Omg I’ve been looking through this page for your comment. Today I went and bought this because you said it was so good, I got home sprayed it on the bits I needed and by the time I got out the bath it’s all gone! Amazing, thank you.”

Stacey Martin wrote: “I use this! I love it!! For stubborn stains spray on cotton wool place on area and leave for few hours then rinse clean.”

Joanne Smith said: “Never used this before, but definitely going to try it out now.”

While the majority of users agreed with Katherine, one Mrs Hinch fan claimed that there was a better spray out there to tackle the task.

Charlotte Stewart said: “I tell you which one is better – Dettol mould and mildew – brings it back white every time.”

The Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover retails for £3.50 at local supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Whereas, the Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Remover retails for slightly less at £3 at Ocado and Amazon.



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