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Reason King Charles cut big reunion with Prince Harry short revealed

King Charles III was reunited with his youngest son, Prince Harry in London last week – reportedly their first meeting in the past 15 months.

The Duke of Sussex is said to have been “panic-stricken” upon hearing about his father’s cancer diagnosis last week and rushed to the UK to pay the King a visit.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the King had been diagnosed with “a form of cancer” on February 5, although any further details have not been released.

King Charles is said to have contacted both of his sons privately, with Harry soon booking an overnight flight to the UK.

Upon arriving at Heathrow Airport in the afternoon of February 6, Harry travelled straight to Clarence House where he met his father for, according to reports, a short 30-minute meeting.

Some have questioned why the meeting with so short – especially with Harry travelling for 11-hour all the way from California.

Harry was also spotted back at Heathrow Airport on February 7, just 25 hours after arriving in the UK.

Speaking of Harry and the King’s short meeting, royal expert Jennie Bond told OK! that it could have been down to the King’s health.

Ms Bond said: “[King] Charles was also tired after his first cancer treatment – which is to be expected – and that’s another reason why the meeting was so short.”

She also added: “A health crisis like this is not the time to try and sort out family issues.

“The King needs to concentrate fully on his recovery from cancer, so it isn’t the right time to hash out all that has gone on between them.”

Speaking on whether reconciliation between father and son is possible, Ms Bond claims that the possibility will need work.

She said: “It underlines that a full reconciliation between father and son is going to need work.”

Harry made the visit to the UK – without wife Meghan Markle by his side.

Meghan opted to remain in the US with their two children, four-year-old Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, two.

Upon the news of the King’s cancer diagnosis being made public, a source close to the Duke of Sussex said: “The Duke did speak with his father about his diagnosis. He will be traveling to UK to see His Majesty in the coming days.”



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