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Rumours Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reconnecting with royal couple to heal rift

Speaking on the rumours, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam stated that the two couples are not known to have been close before.

He told “The relations between the couples have not previously been close.

“According the Gyles Brandreth the late Queen hoped that Meghan and Sophie would form some sort of bond which would help her adjust to being a member of the royal family, but this was not successful.

“Neither were born royal, both, especially Meghan, have suffered from press harassment. Both had ambitions to combine being royal with other activities after joining the Royal Family and found it was not possible.”

He added: “The Sussexes departure and Andrew’s disgrace has left the Royal Family with only four working members under 70 which has placed extra pressures on Edward and Sophie.”

Despite the ongoing royal tensions, the expert did state that there is no evidence that the Sussexes had any falling out with Edward and Sophie.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “There has been no evidence that Harry and Meghan and Edward and Sophie have specifically fallen out. Were the Sussexes to connect with them, they have, unlike Princess Eugenie, real influence, who knows what the result might be!”

Entertainment commentator Mark Boardman previously said that the couple’s reconnection may servce as a “gateway back into the royal household”.

He told OK!: “Meghan and Harry have reconnected with Sophie and Edward, and this renewed connection may serve as their gateway back into the royal household.

“Despite a significant age gap, both couples have endured substantial public scrutiny over the years.

“Their recent interactions during the Invictus Games demonstrate the ongoing bond between Harry and Sophie, who has consistently been a confidante for him.”



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