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Ruth Langsford speaks on ‘mistake’ she made as sister Julia battled depression

Ruth Langsford hosted the Loose Women panel today and their special guest was regular Loose Lady Denise Welch to discuss her ongoing battle with depression and her new book which she hopes will help others suffering. During the conversation, Denise asked the other women about their own experiences with depression or living or loving someone who had a mental illness. Ruth, whose sister Julia passed away last summer after taking her own life, spoke candidly about her own behaviour towards Julia and her episodes of depression. 

Ruth, Stacey Soloman and Nadia Sawalha were live in the ITV studio, while Brenda Edwards was on a live video call. 

During the show, they crossed over to Denise to speak about her new book which she hopes will help those suffering with mental health problems, mainly depression. 

“Ruth, Stacey and Nadia, on the subject of living or loving someone with depression,” Denise said. “You have all loved someone with depression.” 

Speaking from her own experience of being lucky enough to have had two marriages where men loved her despite her illness, Denise added: “It’s very hard to love someone. 

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“I’d be really interested to hear about it from your perspectives.” 

“I obviously lived with my sister – not all the time,” Ruth revealed. “But sometimes it’s about giving the right support. 

“I made mistakes by trying to [cheer] her up sometimes. She would say ‘I’m feeling this or feeling that,’ and I would say ‘Why don’t we do this, or go shopping, or go and do that?’ 

“Stephen Fry once said sometimes you just need to listen,” Ruth stated. 


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