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Ryanair's 'drip pricing': Uncovering the true cost of budget travel

After spending all of this money just to get to your destination, getting insurance may not be a bad idea, and Ryanair offers “peace of mind” for travellers for £19.16 per person.

Amazingly, what was initially advertised as a bargain flight for under £15, has skyrocketed by a huge 1320 per cent. It now carries a £169.07 price tag.

On Wednesday, the boss of Ryanair defended the company’s strict fines policy and claimed they are essential in keeping fares low. 

Michael O’Leary’s firm has come under fire in recent weeks, not only for “drip pricing”, but after a series of passengers spoke of their dismay at having to fork out large sums of cash because of small, inadvertent mistakes. 

Ruth and Peter Jaffe, aged 79 and 80 respectively, were charged £110 at London Stansted Airport for not checking in online in time. 

They had accidentally checked into their inbound journey rather than the outbound one. As a result, they fell foul of Ryanair’s policy of fining any flyer who did not complete the process within two hours of their departure time. 

Now Mr O’Leary has addressed complaints made about the policy. He said: “This elderly couple, I feel sympathy for them. But, you know, the daughter is complaining that we shouldn’t have charged them. 

“We get lots of criticisms on a regular basis for these policies that are known, and we are absolutely unapologetic for them. If you show up, looking for airport check-in, we’ve been charging for about 20 years.”

The budget airline boss went on to claim that airport ticket desks cost Ryanair “a fortune” to rent out and staff to help the 0.2 per cent of customers he claimed failed to check in.

He continued: “We don’t want the money, we just don’t want anybody showing up at the airport without having checked in online. 

“It’s a very simple policy. It’s like arriving at the check-in gate with an oversized bag. You will not get it on board. We will charge you £60 or £70 not because we want the money. We just don’t want your bag.”



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