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Ryder Cup pairings 2023: Friday morning foursomes sees Koepka miss out and McIlroy last

McIlroy was in tears after the defeat two years ago after being pushed to play first in the Sunday singles. “It was a huge vote of confidence because I was pretty low that Saturday,” McIlroy said.

“I had sat out the morning and lost in the afternoon. It was the lowest I had felt at a Ryder Cup. I would rather have been hidden somewhere in the middle of the order but that gave me a purpose. It gave me something to really, really get up for. It refocused me and got me into a different mindset.

“There was a lot going on. The team standing up and wanting me to go out first, to lead them, after the week I had meant a lot to me. That was part of the reason I got emotional, I felt like the whole team had my back. I felt empowered and a responsibility to go out there and win a point.

“It didn’t end up mattering in the Ryder Cup but the whole thing meant a lot to me.

“That was a pretty big moment in my Ryder Cup career but think of the struggles I had leading up to that and what I did afterwards. The whole run from the end of 2021, all of 2022, this year as well … it all started from that last day at Whistling Straits.”



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