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Sarah Ferguson tipped to help Prince Andrew get £2m for urgent repairs in Royal Lodge

Sarah Ferguson is tipped to financially support ex-husband Prince Andrew in his attempts to find an estimated £2 million for urgent repairs in the Royal Lodge mansion.

Friends close to the Duchess of York have reportedly revealed she will step in and help him fund the repairs at the 30-room mansion.

Andrew still shares the mansion with his ex-wife despite divorcing 27 years ago.

A friend of Sarah’s told the Mirror: “It is true Sarah has a vested interest in Andrew continuing to live at Royal Lodge, as it is where she stays when in the UK.

“But it is more than that, this is about Andrew’s pride. Andrew has always stood by Sarah throughout her various past failures and she sees this as her chance to do the same.”

The source added: “Her finances and the Duke’s are completely separate and it would be wrong to say she can shoulder this on her own, but she has always sought to pay her way as far as she can.”

Earlier in the week, it was revealed Prince Andrew had been given a “stay of execution” by his brother, King Charles, so he can find the funds to carry out the vital repairs on the royal mansion.

The disgraced royal is said to have met the King privately at Balmoral this summer, according to royal sources.

The Duke is said to already have given more than £200,000 for roof repairs in the summer.

King Charles and his brother were in dispute over the summer as the monarch planned to have Andrew move out from the property and move into the much smaller Frogmore Cottage.

But Andrew rejected the offer and refused to leave Royal Lodge.



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