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Shocking moment two thugs savagely beat man in broad daylight as he enjoys his pizza

The shocking moment two thugs savagely beat a man and robbed him as he enjoyed a slice of pizza has been laid bare in new footage.

The brazen assault on Monday came less than 24 hours before the House Judiciary Committee came to town to hear how the city’s “soft-on-crime” policies had turned Chicago into an “active warzone”.

The victim, described as a 33-year-old man, was approached by two men as he walked down a residential alleyway in Bucktown at 2.55pm.

He reportedly shouted: “What the f**k, get the f**k off me” after he collapsed into a chain-link fence when he was hooked by a brutal punch to the head.

With the victim attempting to resist the assailants, the fight sprawled out across the alleyway, before the man managed to knock one attacker to the ground.

However, the other thug then stomped on the victim’s feet, sparking calls from the attackers of “just let it go” as they attempted to steal the man’s backpack.

The thieves managed to eventually secure the bag and what appeared to be a phone, but in a final blow stomped on the victim as they walked away.

Footage showed the victim enjoying a slice of pizza – completely unaware of the horror he was about to be subjected to.

The incident is the latest for a city reeling from a recent explosion in crime, with data from the Chicago Police Department reporting a 29 percent increase in major crime so far this year compared to 2022.

These include murder, sexual assault, robbery, theft and aggravated battery.

It came a day before the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee gathered in Chicago to hear how the city’s “progressive” policies on crime had sparked a rise in incidents.

The committee heard accounts from those impacted by the rise of violent crime, as well as politicians and law enforcement agents.

Among them was Carlos Yanez Jr., a retired Chicago cop, who was shot four times during a traffic stop on duty – a terrifying episode that left his partner, Ella French, dead.

According to WLS, Yanez Jr. said: “With all the policies and procedures put into place, officers find themselves with their hands tied behind their back.

“Officers continue to lap up violent offenders, but we find them back on the street committing even more violent crimes, including murder.”

Another to raise their view was Fox News contributor and political analyst Gianno Caldwell, who lost his younger brother to gun violence last year.

He said: “[Chicago] officials have recklessly ignored the people they were elected to represent and as a result, bodies — mostly, Black bodies — are littered throughout the streets of Chicago.”

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