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Shower screens ingrained with limescale will ‘gleam’ with £1 item housekeeper recommends

Shower screens really need to be cleaned after every use so the task becomes easier.

However, if you don’t keep up with regular cleaning, and only give your shower glass a quick clean once a week, there’s a higher chance it could become cloudy and dull.

Cleaning your shower glass regularly will not only help to keep it looking as good as new for longer but will also help to prevent any limescale and bacteria buildup.

Looking for some advice on how to clean her shower screen, Donna Matkin took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page.

Posting a picture of her shower screen completely covered in white stains, she asked: “What’s the best and easiest way to get my shower screen clean from these watermarks, please?

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“My partner is a nightmare for not doing it after every shower and now it’s engrained onto the glass.”

Many group members recommended Donna use Viakal, however, one Mrs Hinch fan claimed that this product did not work for them.

Anne Tyson White said: “Mine is the same, I’ve tried this but it’s not worked. I think it’s ingrained in the glass.

“I’ve tried 1000 wire wool, which is supposed to lift it, Viakal, lemon and bicarbonate of soda and HG, which does look ok, but then when I’ve dried it it goes back the same.”

In response, a housekeeper claimed that shower screen limescale can be removed with a certain toilet cleaner.

Posting a picture of Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner. Karen Croton said: “Use this like sparingly and wash down squeegee off and then it will gleam.

“People will tell you not to use loo cleaner, but as long as it’s just on the glass, it’s never a problem. Been using it for years and I’m a housekeeper with seven bathrooms to clean.”

Sue Bo West replied: “I totally agree. Just be careful with stainless steel as it will tarnish if left on too long.”

Em Whetley wrote: “Viakal, if that fails as a last resort I use black Harpic, but be careful with it and don’t get it on anywhere other than the glass because it’s lethal. But it will wipe it away instantly.”

Courtney-kate Chilcott said: “The Harpic black toilet cleaner, works every time. It’s fantastic at removing limescale.”

Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner can be picked up for £1 at Poundland or for £1.30 at Tesco.



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