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Six photos of Princess Charlotte that prove she's Kate's mini-me

Princess Charlotte is appearing more frequently at royal events, meaning that fans have been able to get more of a look at her growing personality.

Fans have also been quick to notice just how much the eight-year-old resembles her mum – and not only in looks.

Despite being her own little person, Charlotte has seemingly got many mannerisms from her royal mum – including her excitable facial expressions when watching sporting matches.

The young royal also shares a sweet mother-daughter bond with Kate, which is evident from their recent outings.

Here, takes a look at six pictures that really prove Charlotte is turning into Kate’s mini-me.

kate and charlotte at the coronation

Princess Charlotte appeared at Westminster Abbey on May 6 to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation.

As she arrived, alongside her parents and younger brother, fans couldn’t help but notice how much Charlotte resembled her mother.

Both Kate and Charlotte wore a silver headpiece, which some royal fans described as a toned-down version of a tiara.

The headpieces were both designed by Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen. 

Kate’s headpiece features leaf embroidery and crystal and silver thread work as well – with Charlotte sporting a smaller version.

(Image: GETTY)

Princess Charlotte and Kate at Wimbledon

Charlotte's first day of school

In September 2019, Princess Charlotte looked adorable as she arrived for her first day at school.

Both the Prince and Princess of Wales accompanied their little girl on the big day, with Prince George also there to support his sister.

As Charlotte walked to the doors, fans spotted that she has inherited one habit from Kate – twirling her hair.

Kate is known to have this habit too, with her often seen playing with her hair during public appearances – a signal that often represents nerves.

(Image: GETTY)



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