Sky TV customers have a tough decision to make if they want the ultimate upgrade

However, paying out for a new Sky box isn’t the only decision customers need to make. That’s because when switching over to HDR you have to send your old set-top box back. As such, many of the hours of recordings could be lost as there’s no way to transfer the content you haven’t got around to watching quite yet to the new HDR-compatible Sky Q box that arrive through the letterbox.

Of course, anything bought from the Sky Store, or still available via any catch-up or on-demand providers will still be available. However, there are likely still plenty of recorded films or shows stored on the device that aren’t available to re-download and will be lost for good.

It’s a big decision to make as, whilst you’ll get HDR content, all of those hours of shows and classic Hollywood blockbusters will vanish. So, is HDR really worth all that pain?

In terms of content, there isn’t an abundance of HDR-compatible shows to binge on at launch. So far viewers are able to watch three new nature documentaries: Gangs of Lemur Island, Pridelands: Wilderness Reborn, and Malawi: Wildlife Rescue.


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