Spain holidays: Catalonia region in lockdown just as quarantine rules scrapped for Britons

Spain has put a region into lockdown after a spike in coronavirus. Sergia in northeastern Catalonia is locked down, with 200,000 residents affected.

Just as holiday hopes were looking up for Britons, with quarantine rules scrapped for travel between Spain and the UK.

An air bridge deal enables Britons to travel to and from Spain without having to self-isolate after travel.

However, there has been another coronavirus blow in a certain region of the country.

Sergia, 90 miles west of Barcelona, has been locked down.

READ MORE: Catalonia puts 200,000 residents on lockdown amid coronavirus spike

What are the current rules for Britons when it comes to overseas travel?

From the 6th July, Brits can go on holiday or visit loved ones without having to self-isolate on return if travelling to countries with an air bridge deal.

The Department of Transport said: “This will mean that holidaymakers travelling to and from certain destinations will not need to self-isolate on either leg of their journey.”

It added that the list of exempt countries will be “kept under constant review, so that if the health risks increase, self-isolation measures can be re-introduced to help stop the spread of the disease into England.”


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