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Suella Braverman vows to win 'war on small boats' and 'close asylum hotels' in speech

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has said Rishi Sunak will win the next General Election thanks to the Prime Minister’s common sense politics.

Ms Braverman said her and the PM are succeeding in stopping small boats, with numbers down by 20 percent this year compared to last.

She added they’ve also seen real success in putting a stop to crossings by Albanians, with numbers down a whopping 90 percent, thanks to an agreement they struck.

Ms Braverman also revealed the Government “will soon be closing down migrant hotels”, to rapturous applause.

The Home Secretary, speaking at a packed fringe event jointly hosted by the Commons Sense Group of Conservative MPs and the Daily Express, said the Tories have a “fight on our hands” for the next General Election.

She told the crowd: “We’ve got to rally together, we’ve got to stay focussed on that prize”.

“The prize of restoring credibility, and pride to the British people: reminding them that being patriotic, being law-abiding, being passionate about the greatness of our country is not something to be ashamed of.

“It’s something which unites us, but also empowers our country”.

She pledged that despite the uphill struggle, the Tories can “unite and deliver a unifying vision to the British people together”.

“We can take on Labour, we can beat Labour, and together we can win the next General Election.”

Ms Braverman solidified her reputation as the big winner at this year’s Tory party conference in Manchester, coming on stage and departing to chants from the audience of “Braverman! Braverman!”

The Home Secretary was introduced by the chairman of the Common Sense Tories, Sir John Hayes, who described her as “the voice of the people and the party’s darling”.

Sir John said that with Ms Braverman’s no-nonsense speech to the Tory conference this afternoon, the party had set out “a clear distinction between where we stand – as those prepared to articulate the hopes and fears, the aspirations of working people in this country – and our opponents – the liberal elites who regard working people and what they stand for with distain”.

Gary Jones, Editor of the Daily Express, told the congregation of Tory members that he had spoken to Rishi Sunak in the last 24 hours at conference, and he could “safely say he is listening to you all, and you will be surprised tomorrow to hear that these words are going to go right to the very core of what you believe in”.

Mr Sunak will address the Conservative Conference for the first time as party leader at noon on Wednesday.



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