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‘Super important’ garden task to do now to avoid ‘catastrophic damage’ to your plants

October means that summer is well and truly over and the countdown to winter has well and truly begun. 

This means that there are a huge amount of garden jobs needing to be completed before the start of the harsh winter months and October is the last opportunity to get a lot of them done.

One of the most important gardening jobs that need to be carried out as soon as possible is raking up fallen leaves, according to William Mitchell of Sutton Manor Nursery.

With autumn now in full force, falling leaves are beginning to turn up everywhere. 

While many people view them as a pretty autumnal addition to their garden, it is “super important” to stay on top of raking them. 

William warned: “If leaves are left for too long then it could become a mountable task as more and more leaves begin to fall every day.”

If left for too long then it could begin to be a “huge eyesore”. 

For this reason, raking them regularly will help to keep the garden looking neat over the autumn and winter months. 

In addition to this, the expert claimed: “Leaving leaves in your garden without raking them up will eventually result in them decaying. 

“Decaying leaves, much like dead plants, can be a breeding ground for diseases. 

“Diseases within these leaf piles can become dangerous and damaging to the lawn and the surrounding plants.”

If the diseases happen to spread around the garden then it could cause “catastrophic damage to your plants”.

Experts at eSpares have “tried and tested” methods that work the “best” to remove leaves from gardens.

They claimed that raking is the only leaf removal technique that also removes dead leaves and grass from the soil surface of your lawn.

Sweeping hard surfaces is also incredibly effective in gathering up fallen leaves – but only in the right weather conditions.

On a dry, still day, a hard-bristled broom will pick up dirt and dust from a patio – leaving it looking cleaner and tidier.

The experts at eSpare added that brushing is less labour-intensive than a rake and better suited to patios, decking and paved driveways.

It is best to avoid sweeping in wet conditions to prevent small clumps of leaves from sticking to garden surfaces.



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