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Sycamore Gap LIVE: Anger as destruction of iconic tree prompts global outrage

A group of people who were among the last to see the world-famous sycamore of Sycamore Gap have told of their shock after they discovered the tree was felled. 

Charity trekkers walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall – where the tree once served as a landmark – have said they believe they may have been the last people to ever see the tree standing. 

Speaking to The Chronicle, the walkers told how they stopped by the stunning sight on Wednesday, September 27, while raising money for Keech Hospice Care in  Luton, Bedfordshire, during the fourth day of a six-day trek from Bowness-on-Windermere to Wallsend.

Keech Hospice director Andrea Daniels said they were drawn to the spot after seeing it featured in a documentary by Robson Green, adding it was a “big moment” when the group happily posed in front of the tree and unfurled their banner. 

The moment is now bittersweet, as the photo they took of the opportunity may now be one of the last taken with the centuries-old tree still intact, and the group was shocked to discover its fate on Thursday.

The tree was cut down as the group slept at a local hostel where they were sheltering from Storm Agnes, and the group thought some of their fellow trekkers was “having a laugh” when they revealed the sycamore was cut down. 

Ms Daniels said the news was a great shock, and that they felt sorry that no one else would be able to enjoy the gap in the future. 

She said: “It was horrible, we went past and we thought it was there.

“The faster group sent us messages and I just thought Karen’s having a laugh, but when we arrived at the café I saw the news that it had really happened, it’s shocking really.

“It’s the one thing whether you’re a good walker or not, we all met at the tree, put our t-shirts on and got the show. And nobody else can do that now.”




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